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May 4, 2023

May Newsletter

May Newsletter
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May Newsletter

Hi there,

May 1-6, 2023 is National Small Business Week, an annual celebration of America's entrepreneurs and small businesses. Given that 91% of Nextdoor neighbors say supporting small, local businesses is important to them, we’re going to celebrate all month long. We’ve highlighted your top local businesses below, and don’t forget to help your neighbors recognize their favorite local business with this post prompt.

May 16th: Meet Sam T., our newest product manager!

Sam Toizer recently joined Nextdoor as a Product Manager on the Moderation Product team. He’s responsible for improving such features as the reporting flow, the Review Queue, the moderation tools, and more! Sam is excited to meet all of you, and to start building relationships with our valued Leads and Reviewers. Join this webinar to learn more about his background, and to ask your questions in our open Q&A. Register here >>

May 23rd: Understanding business posts

Whether it's a small business or a neighbor offering goods and services on Nextdoor, this webinar will cover the differences between business pages, neighbor accounts, and what's appropriate for the feed. Join this webinar for an in-depth look at the differences, so that you can help to support your neighborhood business owners. Register now >>

May 25th: Meet a Moderator: Engaging with business posts

Register to join our monthly, virtual networking session, where you can meet other Leads, Reviewers, group admins, and members of the Nextdoor team. This month, we encourage participants to share ideas and best practices with each other for how they engage with posts from neighborhood business owners on Nextdoor. Register now >>

Introducing Nextdoor Assistant

Assistant is a new writing tool that we’re introducing to the Kindness Reminder and post composer in order to help neighbors communicate more effectively on Nextdoor. This feature will be rolling out slowly to all neighborhoods over the coming weeks. Learn more >>

2023 #LoveYourNeighborhoodContest

Nextdoor’s annual #LoveYourNeighborhoodContest is back! Now through May 15, 2023, U.S. neighbors can enter the photography contest by simply posting an image to Nextdoor with the hashtag #LoveYourNeighborhoodContest. Learn more >>

Webinar Replay: Awards, For Sale & Free + Discover Map

Learn about a few new product features: Awards, Discover Map, and recent improvements to For Sale and Free. Watch now >>

Last month we asked about your favorite neighborhood business, and received an overwhelming response. Check out the map below to see some of the small businesses highlighted by your fellow Leads and Reviewers, and use this link to see favorites in your own neighborhood! Do you or a neighbor happen to own a small business? If so, don’t forget to claim your business page.

Summer is fast approaching, and we can’t wait to feel the warm air and sunshine. As you start to dream about summer activities, what sound do you hear? Let us know what your favorite summertime sound is! As always, we will share back results in an anonymous and fun way next month.

If you would like to participate in the survey, you can fill it out here.

When Jamiah Hargins realized his backyard garden was producing more food than he needed, he began offering up his bounty to neighbors on Nextdoor. Through his posts, Jamiah discovered other local gardeners who were interested in sharing extras on a monthly basis, and Crop Swap LA was born. Gathering up to 100 neighbors in his backyard, attendees trade gardening supplies, homemade jams, fresh eggs, honey, and anything homemade or homegrown with their community.

Beyond providing an affordable way for neighbors to access healthy local food, Jamiah has a mission to make a bigger difference in his community. Crop Swap LA has partnered with veterans and previously incarcerated citizens to provide financial support, job training skills, education, and a smooth re-entry to the community. At the end of 2019, the community crop swap turned into the year-long West Adams Farmer’s Market, with a mission of “transforming Los Angeles into the world's largest urban farm.”

See you in the neighborhood!

Anna + the Nextdoor Community team

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