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March 20, 2024

Moderating with inclusivity during Spring holidays

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Many neighbors will be celebrating various holidays this spring, including: Ramadan (March 10 - April 9), Easter (March 31), and Passover (April 22 - April 30.)

Team Nextdoor
Team Nextdoor

The spring season brings along warm air, sprouting seeds, and a whole host of things to celebrate. In particular:

  1. Ramadan (March 10 - April 9)
  2. Easter (March 31)
  3. Passover (April 22 - April 30)

As neighbors celebrate these holidays, it's important to ensure that our online conversations remain inclusive and respectful of all traditions and beliefs while still adhering to Nextdoor's community guidelines.

It is OK for neighbors to wish each other “Happy Easter,” “Ramadan Mubarak,” “Happy Passover,” or any other sentiment of good wishes for the holiday season in the main feed, or in a relevant group. Quotes from religious texts or any deeper discussion of religion must take place in a relevant group, per our Community Guidelines.

In addition, here are other suggestions to keep in mind:

  1. Embrace diversity. Neighborhoods are made up of individuals from various cultural and religious backgrounds. Let's embrace this diversity and celebrate the richness of our community traditions all through the year.
  2. Consider the intent. Is the post or comment meant to simply spread joy and cheer, or is it meant to discuss a religion or faith at a deeper level? If the latter, the conversation belongs in a group.
  3. Use sensitivity in language. Be mindful of language, and avoid assumptions about what holiday other neighbors may observe. Using inclusive language that acknowledges multiple traditions can help foster a sense of belonging for everyone.
  4. Respectful dialogue. Encourage respectful dialogue and exchange of ideas around holiday-related topics. Differences in beliefs and traditions can lead to meaningful discussions when approached with mutual respect and kindness, but discrimination is never tolerated.

Learning more about Ramadan

It is currently Ramadan, the holiest time of the year for our Muslim neighbors. To learn more about Ramadan from a neighbor of Muslim faith, and how we can show inclusion and allyship to our Muslim neighbors, review the replay of last year's webinar: Moderating During Ramadan

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