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Product Updates
September 12, 2023

Thank A Neighbor posts

# Product Updates

We launched an exciting new feature that lets neighbors recognize neighbors who have been kind, friendly, generous or helpful.

Team Nextdoor
Team Nextdoor

The new "Thank A Neighbor" feature allows you to easily create a post to share your gratitude for kind, friendly, generous or helpful neighbors.

When creating a new post:

  1. Select the “Thank a Neighbor” post type
  2. Select a theme (say thanks, act of kindness, helped me, generous, friendly) for what you’re recognizing your neighbor(s) for
  3. Tag or name the neighbor(s) who you are thanking and provide a description of what you’re thanking them for. 

You can also check out other great neighbor stories by viewing other "Thank a Neighbor" posts in your neighborhood here.

What is changing? 

We’ve added a new “Thank a neighbor” post type to the post composer and have created a feed where you can easily view “Thank a Neighbor” content.

Why has Nextdoor made this update?

Nextdoor made this update to make it easier to thank the amazing neighbors in your neighborhood. We regularly see neighbors thanking each other and being inspired by each other and wanted to create a simple and fun way for neighbors to thank each other.

Questions or feedback?

For any questions on these changes, check out Help Center: Thank a Neighbor posts.

For any bug reports or feature requests, please report them to Nextdoor Support to ensure they are connected to the correct team.

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