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December 15, 2022 · Last updated on July 3, 2023

Moderator Academy: For Sale & Free

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Learn more about Nextdoor's guidelines and policies for selling items.

Team Nextdoor
Team Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a great place to buy and sell items to your neighbors. With For Sale & Free, you can build neighborhood connections, give back to your local community and of course find items for your everyday needs. . 

When offering or seeking goods or services on Nextdoor, neighbors should make sure that they’re complying with local laws and not engaging in illegal transactions. Posts may not include unrealistic or exaggerated claims, and must accurately depict the product or service being offered.

All For Sale and Free posts must abide by our community guidelines. In particular, the Do Not Engage in Harmful Activity guideline which prohibits fraud or scams.

When posting items that you are selling or giving away select the “Sell or give away an item” post option. As it is not currently possible to move a post into the For Sale and Free section, posts without this selection may be reported and removed.

What’s allowed in For Sale and Free:

  1. Gently used personal items.
  2. Homemade goods in the Neighbor Made category.
  3. Free or paid casual services (i.e.: babysitting, etc.) in the Neighbor Services category.
  4. Property for rent or sale, by individual owners.
  5. Pet adoption, or rehoming for a modest fee. Rehoming fees should only be used to recoup costs for food, vaccinations, and/ or other veterinary care. 

What’s not allowed in For Sale and Free: 

  1. Pet sales. The sale of animals for profit is prohibited on Nextdoor. See: How to rehome a pet for more details.
  2. Personal ads. Neighbors seeking to meet other singles should join or create an existing Group on Nextdoor to meet like-minded neighbors.
  3. Gift cards. 
  4. Items sold as part of an incentive sales program, or multi-level marketing program, i.e.: Mary Kay Cosmetics, Amway, Avon, Scentsy, etc.
  5. Listing items that you are selling for a business, including resellers, and commercial consignment and estate sellers. 
  6. Realtors listing properties for sale, rent, or lease.
  7. Any other item prohibited by our Member Agreement. See: List of Prohibited Goods and Services for more details. Follow

Additional guidelines:

  1. Neighbors should otherwise uphold the Seller Code of Conduct. See: Seller Code of Conduct for more details.
  2. Neighbors should not list the same item or service more than once at a time.
  3. Neighbors should not delete, and repost their listing in order to increase visibility.
  4. Neighbors should not post links to items on other classified sites.
  5. Neighbors should not price gouge, or otherwise charge an unreasonably high price for essential consumer goods and/ or service. (Especially during an emergency or disaster.)
  6. Neighbors should not sell fraudulent items, or use For Sale and Free to otherwise engage in scam behavior. See: Do Not Engage in Harmful Activity for more details.

See the full list of prohibited goods and services.

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