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October 11, 2023

Moderation Guidance: International conflicts and humanitarian crises

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Best practices for making decisions on reported content when an international conflict or humanitarian crisis is referenced.

Team Nextdoor
Team Nextdoor

International conflicts—wars, humanitarian crises, etc.—are deeply challenging issues, fraught with decades of context and challenge. But at the core, innocent lives are lost and forever changed as a result of being caught in the crossfire. The harm to humanity is collective pain and trauma that we each have to process with every new conflict.

Though these conflicts are often international in nature, they often have local implications as human migration patterns have brought people from different heritages and backgrounds together in different places around the world. When international conflicts arise, we encourage neighborhood moderators to consider this guidance.

✅What’s appropriate for the main feed

  1. Posts or comments that highlight humanitarian efforts, empathy, or support
  2. Posts or comments that offer prayers for a group. Offering prayers for others is a show of empathy, not a violation of the Discuss Important Topics in the Right Place guideline.
  3. Posts or events that advertise protests or rallies
  4. Posts or comments about the crisis that have a clear connection to a personal, or local experience 
  5. Posts or comments that share links for GoFundMe campaigns, non-profit or relief aid donations, etc.

⚠️What’s appropriate for groups, only

  1. Political commentary that does not have a personal or local connection
  2. Conversations about foreign policy, the politics of other governments, etc, that do not have a personal or local connection

❌What’s not appropriate for Nextdoor, in groups or feed

  1. Advocacy, celebration, or encouragement of violence
  2. Advocacy or celebration of hate groups or terror organizations (Hate & Terror Groups policy)
  3. Any other violation of the Community Guidelines

Times of crisis make it really hard to be a moderator. It can feel impossible to put aside personal beliefs in order to make an unbiased decision about a piece of reported content. During these times, please put yourself first. Take breaks when things feel too intense, skip reports that you do not feel confident about making a decision on, and make sure not to reply to others when you’re feeling agitated. Assume positive intent in fellow moderators, and neighbors.

The purpose of Nextdoor is to build a kinder world, where everyone has a neighborhood they can rely on, and through our work we aim to enable kindness and humanity. Thank you for continuing to be the neighbors who — during times of devastation — create a place for empathy, inclusivity, and care.

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