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October 12, 2023

Introducing in-app suspension appeals

# Product Updates

Soon, neighbors will be able to learn the reason they were suspended and if they disagree with the decision, appeal it from within the Nextdoor app.

Team Nextdoor
Team Nextdoor

We are beginning to roll out a new feature that will allow neighbors who have been suspended to see the reason for their suspension, and appeal the decision. This new feature will tell the suspended neighbor which post(s) or comment(s) violated the Community Guidelines and which guideline was violated.

What is changing? 

  1. Neighbors will receive a notification when they’ve been suspended.
  2. When a suspended neighbor opens the app, they will see a screen that identifies the guideline they violated, along with the removed comment(s) or post(s) that violated that guideline.
  3. On this screen, neighbors will be notified that Nextdoor took the suspension action, not community moderators.
  4. This screen will also indicate when the account will be eligible for reinstatement. If the suspended neighbor signs in again after the given number of days, they will be able to access their account, after agreeing to follow the Community Guidelines. 
  5. Neighbors will be able to appeal their account suspension from this screen within the app, and include details for why they believe their account suspension was an error.
  6. Nextdoor staff will review the appeal and the neighbor will receive a notification about the status of their appeal within 24 hours.
  7. In a small number of cases, the Appeal option may not appear because we need additional information from the owner of the suspended account. If the Appeal button isn’t present, neighbors can contact us to request a review of their account. We generally respond to these requests within 48 hours.

What is not changing? 

  1. If an account is disabled, the account owner will not be able to access Nextdoor or receive notifications from their Nextdoor neighborhood, until the account is reinstated, assuming it’s eligible for reinstatement.
  2. Eligibility for reinstatement depends on the account’s history and the severity of the violation.
  3. Moderators do not have the power to disable member accounts. 
  4. Only Nextdoor staff can disable accounts.

Why has Nextdoor made this update?

We have built this feature to improve the procedural justice of our moderation system. It aims to address feedback from neighbors who want to understand the reason for their suspension and to expand our efforts to create a more transparent moderation system.

Questions or feedback? For any questions on these changes, check out the Help Center article: Why is my account disabled?. For any bug reports or feature requests, please report them to Nextdoor Support to ensure they are connected to the correct team.

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