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Product Updates
September 5, 2023

Introducing account report status

# Product Updates

Today we began rolling out a new feature that notifies neighbors once a decision has been made about an account report they’ve made.

Account Report Status launches today and is Nextdoor’s next step in creating a more just and transparent moderation system for neighbors. Account Report Status notifies neighbors once a decision has been reached about an account report they submitted. 


Account Report Status - Action taken


Account Report Status - Action not taken

What is changing?

  1. When a neighbor reports an account, they will be notified once a decision is made as to whether the account holder broke the guidelines and whether an enforcement action was taken on the account
  2. The notification will identify the name of the reported neighbor, the reason the neighbor was reported, and what the decision was regarding whether they broke the guidelines

What is not changing? 

  1. The Community Guidelines have not changed
  2. If an action is taken on an account, the reporter will still not be able to see what kind of action was taken

Why has Nextdoor made this update?

We have made this update as a continued investment into building a fair and just moderation system that keeps neighbors safe on Nextdoor.

Questions or feedback?

For any questions on these changes, check out Help Center: How to report a neighbor . For any bug reports or feature requests, please report them to Nextdoor Support to ensure they are connected to the correct team.

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